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Our Mission

Bowl of Hope serves and supports the homeless population through nutritious and delicious meals and daily essentials. We believe we can do this regularly and affordably with community support and the TLC of our chefs, our donors, and our volunteers.

We offer nutrition as medicine to be preemptive in maintaining a strong, healthy body along with life-sustaining daily essentials. We feed the human spirit through hope and compassion to the most vulnerable populations.


Note from the Director

I have long felt that it is in the giving that we receive. Our legacy is a life lived with compassion and service to those we have touched along the way.

Meg Martin, Executive Director of Interfaith Works inspires me. I witnessed her devotion to the homeless when I volunteered at the Interfaith Works Shelter. I regard her as a modern-day saint—an ordinary person influenced by her faith and conviction to serve.

I came to Bowl of Hope through another inspirational community figure, Erin Adams Chase. Through her commitment to the homeless population, she teamed up with ISG, a local company, and partnered with FORMA and Well80 and launched a fundraising campaign to make 1750 meals for two Interfaith Works shelters.

Bowl of Hope is launching with energy and inspiration from many community figures who work tirelessly for service joy. As I reach out to our community, every request I have made has been met with generosity. Exceptional individuals gather with a deep conviction to serve and volunteer their enormous talents.

Our Master Chef, Linda Mehwirter, has volunteered and networked local resources to create organic meals for less than $1 a meal. After an 8-course dinner for Thanksgiving one of the shelter guests remarked:

"The soup is amazing, but it's the care with which it was made that matters."

Anna Boatright

Executive Director

We serve with honor and respect.

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