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Crafted Justice

We're fostering hope in our community, one bowl at a time. Everyone deserves good food, the same food we serve our family. We're crafting delicious and nutritious meals for our most vulnerable neighbors through locally sourced produce.


Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

The numbers experiencing homelessness either living unsheltered or in emergency or transitional housing are increasing. 2020 census showed a 30 percent increase over 2019 and is the highest count since the homeless census effort began in 2006.

The only way forward is together.

Shift with Us

Take a step forward and join in to help grow crafted justice. CONTRIBUTE TO Bowl of Hope and we'll contribute 10% of your donation to GRuB, Growing Healthy Food, People & Community.

Be the hero!



There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.


Join the movement!

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